What is Willpower?

I used to  think willpower was my way of controlling what I did and didn’t do.  Trying to live my life and be in control of my situation and trying to hold on to my own strength just left me angry and weak. I became selfish. Why would anyone would want to live with someone who could not take care of herself.  Someone who could not completely take care of anything. But, we never can completely take care of everything ourself.   Willpower is not something we have control over.  Willpower to me now has become turning everything over to God.  I have become willing to see God work in my life.  I can now accept situations for what they are.  I can no longer look through my own eyes.  I must see things in the sight of God. He is the only one who has the strength to control my life and to see the final outcome.  I wish the urges never came.  And, I wish I never had to struggle.  My sins are very real!  But, they are forgiven and I can start new everyday.  Willpower to me now is not strength or power…..Is it to you?


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