20046_1310245925808_1951866_n003    Please tell me why my child acts this way?  It seems I am constantly playing a well-meaning but, ineffective role in my children’s obnoxious behavior.  Getting drawn into the absurdity that my children see as negotiation is exhausting.  Is it possible to have perfect children?  I have heard all the labels and catagories the professionals want to paste on my children.   I have learned over the last few days that no one in my house is  acting responsible or legalistical.   We are confusing wants and needs.  Often in my house we are opposing the other parent and teaching strategic recognition.  Now on the other side of the family business  my children are wonderful angels made only for me by God.  He knew I would be the parents of these challenging creatures.  So, why does their inappropriate, irresponsible, lazy behavior put such a stigma on me?  I guess because it is my legacy that they are learning.  I want my children to realize that every moment is a gift from God.  As their parents, we have an awesome influence on the way they live their life.  Every parent wants their children to cherish the best values but parents make mistakes right?  As I take my children by the hand or hug their shoulders I know my family is whole and healthy in the Word of God.   Then, it starts all over again.  Is it so wrong to desire peace and quiet, intimacy and obedient children? I am glad that these moments are precious and if they only happen once….well thats probably a good thing.

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