Lets all Stand Together

Today I am writing to give you a glimpse into my pain with Lupus. It is not always a physical rehabilitation. Tonight, it was an emotional one. Lupus as many of you know does not always mirror on the outside the emotional havoc going on inside. My family loves me. I know this. They want to understand and are willing to listen as I explain my ailments to them. The problem is that nobody REALLY does know. I have lived my life as the middle child always wanting and willing to please. I have never felt quite good enough or emotionally strong enough to tell others the place I felt the safest. I cannot remember even what makes me the happiest. I remember as a child my parents tried to understand. Of course, the doctors kept wanted me to come back each week as they tried to unravel something they could never fully understand either. I say this because many people are hurting and its hard to know how to help. Please be patient and never give up hope. The thing that hurts people the most is being misunderstood or having someone give up on them. No advice just a quiet hand sometimes. God Bless You.

2 thoughts on “Lets all Stand Together

  1. Just wanted to thank you for opening up & letting us in on something so important. I never knew & now, even though we are so far away, I feel like I can be there with you in spirit while you fight this fight. Love you always & forever…sis 🙂

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