Lupus and the People We Love

I feel as if I should apologize for my recent blogs.  I am new at this.  I got off course a little.  I wanted this blog to help me share a daily journal with all my friends out there battling Lupus.  I do not get to say all the things I want to say to  the people that had to put up with me growing up.:) I love my family back east and it is very important for them to know that.  I want to share with you that I was diagnosted with strep throat recently.  Wow, it is kicking my bum bad.  So, now the rash has reared its ugly head.  I can hardly talk and I am so tired so we have had chicken nuggets all week.  I am using my heating pad and watching all my “faith and christianity” movies on netflix. And, lounging in my pajamas, doctors orders.  Anyway, I have learned this is the best place to complain because my husband looks like a deer in aheadlight evertime we talk about it.  Maybe its not complaining however I know everyone of you know has had each symptom and then some.  I have read and tried so many of your helpful tips.  Many of you are very sensitive and brave to share your treatment and current therapy.  Many of our symptoms are the same but everyone handles life and the process of going through this chronic illness differently.  Sometimes when you are having a serious symptom, healthcare professionals do not get inside to the emotional part of your flare.  I know these symptoms pass but the emotional healing does not go away so easy.  We are left to handle  that part  on our own.  I truly believe that if you don’t have Lupus you can not possible feel what I am going through. Not to be synical or anything. This brings the task of trying to politely listen and accept what they are saying to me.  I look back from a distance and see the selfishness that I am displaying.  I need those people in my life just like I need all of my fellow luppies.  I have to learn to accept help and be firm about what kind of help they can offer me.  Assistance is the thing that connects us together.  Please know I want to be a part of your assistance. I think we need some Lupus chapters down here in the sticks.  If you feel alone please think of me and know that I will have you in my heart.  Your fellow Luppie:)

4 thoughts on “Lupus and the People We Love

  1. So sorry to hear about the strep, ugh! As if you weren’t dealing with enough already. Please continue to.write about Lupus…learning so much & wishing I could take away your pain. Much love!

  2. So interested in learning more about Lupus… Also about how it flares up and what happens when it does… Can it be passed down to the boys? I’m sure it is a challenge to deal with! You are brave!!

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