Today. I was challenged with my strong-willed child. He is the eldest and is pushing his power limits to the very edge. He has always had a manipulate root with a motivating force that seemed to drive him. He differs from the rest of the family in degree not kind. We all want to be the boss and have a drive for power. I believe that power and control are equal in context. We are a blended family. My husband had no children of his own and has become a model father for both of them. But, My son is struggling for power. My children have special needs of their own. We have to literally show them what is socially acceptable and what is not. They don’t just learn the skills that we take for granted. We have put simple steps to follow throughout the day. A reminder of sorts with signs because he would not brush his teeth…etc. You get the point. I think when I got sick, his control became intense. He is fighting for his desire to be the boss. This in turn motivates him more and pushes him stronger. He has learned the act of manipulation. This little act has changed the complete dynamics of our family. We have to remind him he is still a child. It is hard but as mothers we put all of the blame upon ourselves. Why can’t my child remember to brush his teeth or make his bed after the millionth time he has been told? Raising a strong-willed child and being sick is a very cruel joke. But, it’s just that. A funny walk through life. Just please don’t come to my house….its way to messy!

5 thoughts on “Manipulation

  1. Love that boy! If you find the magic secret to making them listen & brush their teeth, please pass it on to me. We could use it over here at our house too 🙂

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