Summer Stories: The Beginning

Summer is upon us.  The routine school days that are usually packed with schedules and soccer now turn into lazy, long and hot monotony that can be grueling for parents.  My children have usually attended afterschool programs but this year I will be home with them through the summer.  This is going to involve a massive dose of mommy magic!

Mommy magic involves a little tug on a closet door that magically locks when I try to open it.  I am the only one who can lock the scary, dark unknown lair where cloths seem to become a dark evil force that my children cannot get out of their psyche before they go to sleep.  Fear of the unknown and mommy holds the magical lock.  My oldest child is beginning a new phase in his school life.  He has become increasing anxious and lately. his fear has become apparent.  I see his younger brother is stepping out on his own.  He has been quietly pulling away from the domineering  personality of his brother.  But, as I have learned, a child with ADD doesn’t know he is bossy.  He does not know that his self-esteem is being tested with every new relationship he tries to form.  These children have often been in a constant cycle of negativity that can overwhelm any family.

This summer is going to challenge me.  I will be right in the line of fire and I will be the mediator for the neighborhood brawls.  It is actually going to test all of us.  They will not have to stick to a tight schedule .  I am sure the chore list will some how magically disappear on some of the long, lazy days of summer.  I  have learned to expect the unexpected.  I hope to document the transformation this summer.  I hope I can be a witness for some of the children.  Growing up in a family of girls was hard I thought.  That was before, well ….  hopefully you will return to read some of these adventures. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Summer Stories: The Beginning

  1. You will certainly have your hands full, Jen-Jen!! 🙂 …and you’re right about the boys! They are all so “busy” and it seems they don’t have an “off” switch. If you find it, please share. LOL! I am facing a similar challenge this summer and my phone at work has already been ringing off the hook. I bet you remember we used to call Mom all day long, too! Love you and you will be a great witness! XOXO

  2. You will have quite a challenge!! I still have a hard time understanding boys and how they “operate”!! Can’t wait to hear some of the stories. Give my beautiful grandsons hugs and kisses for me!!

  3. I have no idea about having boys, so I will definitely be tuning in for the stories 🙂 I do know that it’s going to be a long summer, lol! Bryn’s not even out of school yet, but Piper is & I’m already finding myself saying, “whew!” at the end of the day, lol! Good luck girl & keep on writing 🙂 Much love! xoxo

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