A Thief is Still a Thief…

The cunning thief

     A thief is thief. A thief is still a thief until he stops stealing, gets a job and give back. God uses human angels to bring comfort to those around us. I walked into church this morning after many weeks of medical trials and I felt the euphoria I had so missed instantly transform my shell and overflow in places that have been hidden for so long.
We began in 2 Corinthians: 5-7. In fact, when we came into Macedonia, we had no rest. Instead, we were troubled in every way; confliction on the outside, fears on the inside. But God, who comforts the humble, comforted us by the arrival of Titus and not only by his arrival, but also by the comfort he received from you. He told us about your deep longing, your sorrow, and your zeal for me and I rejoiced even more. In the translation paragraph at the bottom of the page was the Greek root word Lupe describing Paul’s writings. I felt God’s faithful wink as to say I have seen your lupe: pain, grief, sorrow. That simple word that can cause such grief, reminded me that I was not doing this by myself. Paul also used the word to explain Christian giving should not be motivated by regret (lupe) but by a cheerful heart. I have been surrounded by many words and praises but as I saw my husband and children continuing their walk with God I knew I had an emptiness that nothing could fill. The Christian walk is so much more than sitting in church. We have an obligation beyond anything we could give ourselves.

4 thoughts on “A Thief is Still a Thief…

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. It’s been so fun having the boys here. They have gotten so big, Caleb is as tall as me! They are also little gentlemen, you should be very proud. Love you & hope we can all visit together soon. Many thoughts & prayers everyday for you that each day can be better than the last. Love you!!

  2. Beautiful post. During the road to recovery I had such self pity and negativity, but now looking back God knew what he was doing. I wouldn’t change one single thing about my struggle with Lupus because it has healed me in every aspect of my life. My mind, body, and spirit are now healthier than they have ever been in my entire life! I am eternally grateful for the challenge God gave me. He knows your pain and He knows your strength. He would never give you something you couldn’t handle. You are strong enough to beat this! There is light at the end of your journey! Health and happiness are awaiting you! He has moved me to share my story with others and so I have just started my own blog. Please reach out to me if I can ever be a support for you. God Bless

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