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Anger begins when it is silent…Nobody is around. When I am left unattended with my thoughts, my annoyance leaves me disturbed.  According to psychologists, being alone is used to motivate a person to seek social connections.  What if those social connections are the cause of defeatism?  These unreliable people bring up their idealistic insignificant frustrations and as matrons we are compelled to respond.

Psychologist say that an angry person can lose his objective observality. I disagree.  The diversiviolent behavior can retract the most agonizing memories and form a vexatious psyche.  It can provoke and threaten an imagination that manipulates social survival.  It can criticise and pull you down into an emotional blackmail.

In the psyche of an angelical, celestial servant, anger could seem as a holy, radiant and untainted emotion. Anger is not innocent but we can be prayerful and revered as a saintly sanctification in this irreverent world.


6 thoughts on “GOOD OLD ANGER …..

  1. Again, I am in awe of your insight and talent for communicating by means of the written word. Please keep these wonderful blogs coming !! – love, Mom

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