Chain of Love

illus082.jpg (600×299)  My life has become as an old oak tree that has grown wider than the arms can reach.  Its roots buried deep below the surface. It sits alone in a field surrounded by tall grass and views of nature.  It has grown tall and its limbs climb and stretch toward the sky.  But it still sits alone.  At the end of each limb is an abrupt end but  its leaves can become intertwined and connected to other twigs  on other branches.  As I travel down a branch have I learned what was intended for me?  Why are some branches so painful to go down?  Why do others seem so easily traveled?  Some branches may break under the pressure while others seem  as sturdy as the roots below.

In God's Hand.jpg (391×315)   I always thought that walking with someone down the harder times in life  would weigh me down but having someone walk beside you and being able to let go when you need to is a gift only God can bring into your life.   Anger can become such a storm in life that it can pull, toss and shake until its leaves and branches  break and shatter under the tremendous force.  It can become an unseen act of nature that is completely out of control and it will not stop until it exposes all the naked branches underneath.  Do we get too comfortable with our surroundings?  Do the birds coming and going take our focus off of the things we hide?

I try to look up from time to time and remember what it’s all about.  As the wind pulls the branches apart and the leaves rustle to the ground I remember that it is a climb I cannot do alone.  I can only slowly pull myself back up the tree and continue to navigate the branches again.

2 thoughts on “Chain of Love

  1. Jenn, I have been missing your blogs and something told me to check my e-mail and here it is! I love the comparison of life to a tree…what an inspiration! I miss you so much and love you!!! Love, Mom

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