A Tribute to My Sisters

bfSisters (1) Sisters  Sisters are the pinnacle of sacrifice, responsibility, purity and love.  There is no place in the heart of my sisters for hatred since all have fallen to sin and been forgiven.  We each show a sense of security and well-being that has been rooted in us by the stability of home and family.

My seasoned sister radiates self-control, human kindness, and respect.  She has a marvelous magnetic personality that demands control.

My mezzo cohort has a gift to turn struggles into solutions.  She is a companion that will cheer me to the greatest heights.  She will stand hand in hand with me for any biblical truth.

My puerile peach has a jovial, jaunty sparkle.  Her days shine                                                                                          with thankfulness and empowerment.  She is a visionary that                                                                                          sees the world with a formative, hip edge.488f671b3948ee6e90a58690f7fa3653

The glue that holds it all together is a spiritually protective mom that unites us with the power of prayer.  Her sacrifice and love helped heal our family but she never forgot who gives us true companionship.




8 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Sisters

  1. This was just beautiful, Jenn! I absolutely loved it! What a blessing to receive such a wonderful message on Christmas day! Big smiles from me! I love you so much!

  2. Jenn, I am truly astounded with each post as you somehow know how to capture the essence of what’s in your heart, as well as relate your deepest thoughts and feelings into our hearts. You continue to project your voice, even when at your weakest moments. I stand in awe and amazed at your talents and beauty, both inside and out. I love my sister(s)! Thank you for sharing and please know how sincerely appreciated you are. Love you deeply, Lori

  3. What an amazing gift to receive on Christmas day. I just love this so much! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts in your wonderful blog. Your gift for writing never ceases to amaze me. Love you & love reading your blog. Sisters rule!! xoxoxo

  4. What a lovely post! I grew up with only brothers, but I’ve been blessed with sisters by marriage, and I am loving the richness and depth of friendship that they bring into my life!

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