Asperger’s Attributes-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

lego_pile     When you have Asperger’s  you wake up every morning in a strange new world.  You scan your room to make sure  you still have four pillows. You look to see if  your books are stacked neatly the way you left them.  Your  lampshade is tilted just enough to shine the light at the bedroom door.  Your cars  you lined up on the window sill are now neatly put in your blue bucket not the red one because that one is for your legos.  Ok, it is now safe to climb out of bed. toycarblog I watch Caleb walk over the dirty cloths and miscellaneous toys to go to the bathroom. It is the one certainty in the morning.  He has lists in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen to help him get ready and prepare him to leave at a certain time. His head stills spins widely out of control.  We pick out his cloths the night before but he still forgets to change his underwear. The first time I told him to put on deodorant he proceeded to rub it on his entire body, face and all.  He has a bucket with deodorant in it but he doesn’t remember to put it on.  He has to make his bed but he forgets.  Since he has already checked his pillows, to him his bed is complete.  He has to pick up his room but he only sees his buckets are in order and lined up.  He does not see the trash and cloths that I see.  He forgets to brush his teeth so we have a toothbrush in the kitchen so it will remind him.    

Being an Asperger’s mother makes me proud.  I love his attention to detail.  I love that he puts all of his energy into something he is passionate about.  But with the teenage years creeping up on me,  new problems are now arising. He has learned hopelessness. He lacks self-confidence and is beginning to act out. He has developed poor problem solving characteristics because he can’t handle situations.  He has to be taught through every problem.  He needs to know how to handle it and work through it so he can function with confidence and competency.

These children do not have a choice.  We are their voices.  At times they are truly victims of their circumstances.  We are so tempted to lose our patience.  But, to have mercy we need to have mercy on ourselves.  All they need is encouragement and the love to persevere in any situation.dvbrokenheart

9 thoughts on “Asperger’s Attributes-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Thank you, Jen, for sharing about Caleb. I love you and your sweet boys! As we speak, Preston is curled in the fetal position. He wont talk to anyone; he just wants to be alone. I have to remind myself that he does have aspergers and let him have his space. Preston is 17, he is supposed to have a normal teenage life. He is supposed to be playing basketball, driving his car, and chasing girls. But he has aspergers, he is not a normal teenager, and it breaks my heart. How do I teach him tolorence, patience, kindness, joy….ect??? When he wont let me in…

  2. Thanks, Jenn, for this enlightening post describing this condition. I pray that Caleb will be able to deal with this with faith. Thanks for sharing because I was not aware that he suffered from this. I love him so much!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info on Asperger’s…truly an eye-opener on what someone with Asperger’s goes through each & every day. Caleb is (& Conner too) very lucky to have you as his mom & cheerleader every day. He is an amazing person & I hope he knows just how amazing he is & how very much he is loved.

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