The Better to see you With….

This Gift (song)

In my family there are four daughters. Although we loved each other very much, all of your imperfections were pointed out to you. This would happen often.  That is what girls do when they fight.  We had many nicknames for each other.  Mine was buck tooth, bed head, snaggle pig.  My older sister was responsible for that one.  I don’t know what a snaggle pig is but she sure enjoyed saying it.  We traveled a lot, just Mom and the girls so, we were always in the car.  I had a hard time reading street signs and my punctuation of words became an ongoing joke.  So, when the daily post prompted us to share our imperfections …..and cherish them, of course I went back to my childhood.  But, there is one imperfection I owned that was granted a pardon.  I sleep with my eyes half-open.  They say there is a medical reason for this but it allowed me to freak people out, and that was a beautiful gift to have in my position of the family heirocracy.  Oh, and let me mention my son has this imperfect gift also.  So, watching him sleep soundly I get to see his beautiful eyes and enjoy him in  his peaceful slumber.