Toothfairy, How much for a Molar?

Tooth fairy

Tooth fairy (Photo credit: aaipodpics)

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half.

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rewards have become the result of our self-serving nature. The entitlement  my children display after one of their crimes has been committed, definitely shows me that they use it freely as part of a

maneuver tactic when they dart around defensive explanations.  I mean don’t you think everyone is entitled to a candy bar because they HAD to go to the store with  their mother, the one who makes lunches and the one that would be blamed if I bought the wrong kind of chips if I had gone alone.

Do you remember when your child’s nature first reared its ugly head?  Did your beautiful bundle of joy cry when they needed something.  Of course, as parents the next step is to center the attention around their child.  To keep the peace and harmony in the house we subconsciously became the sole servant who taught this child how to communicate using rewards to get what he wanted.  In the bible, we are all born sinners.  The bible also teaches us to raise up our children with love and powerful discipline.

I was going through some papers and I came across a note my child wrote to the tooth fairy.  It says:

Just leave the money on my dresser.  Please

signed:  K (nickname of course)

P.S.  Keep in touch!

Entitlement at its finest!