A Diamond in the Rough

A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo...

In a seemingly small town on an ordinary fall morning, I watch as children are led from cars into school like loyal and faithful soldiers.  At this age their blowsy appearance is still  being molded and transformed.  Their confidence is being tested by the stewards around them and their faithfulness grows from the deep roots of their obedience  Faithfulness is a quality of reliability.  A reliability that stands strong in the midst of any imperfection.

In dark, dusty ash brought to the surface through deep volcanic eruptions sits carbon rocks.  These carbon minerals provide the source to form  beautiful material with superior qualities. After years of pressure and heat these carbon rocks develop into a beautiful one of a kind gem.  These diamonds are flawless but only after the combustible carbon torridity transformed the imperfection into a reliable precious treasure.

I often wonder why we do not see the treasures that lie in front of us.  It is hard to push through our imperfections and see that in the end  we will be a precious diamond.  Some people can zoom through these stages and others never travel a step further.  I know as a mother I try to tidy up and present others the gem they are. That frontier is not for me execute. God gave us this wonder.  My job is to be a reliable source of obedience and focus so that I can find my diamond.