Lost and Found

boys 002A  Grandmother Is sitting on the bed of a 10-year-old boy whose father had just left the home due to infidelity.  The boy stood in front of her motionless and emotionally drained.  She asked the boy to close his eyes and think of his father.  After many half-hearted attempts he closed his eyes tight and thought.  Once he had the memory that he cherished the most, she asked him to hold out his arms and grab that memory and pull it tightly to his chest.  The boy did as he was told. With profound concentration, he opened his eyes.  She asked him to hold that memory tight in his hand and put it in the pocket of his cloths.  There the memory would stay.  It would be there for him anytime he needed it.

God made us perfect.  Although, we are all sinners, we are still God’s servants.  and we are instructed to forgive.  No sin has more value than another.  We have all broken the commandments of God at some point in our lives.  Some people are reminded of their sin everyday by the choices they have made.

The most difficult part of life for me is forgiveness.  We work at clearing our heart of all the demons and the people we hurt , but do we really forget?  God’s grace gives us the power to do that.  The bible says, not only does God forgive but he also banishes the memory.  He remembers it no more.  (Isaiah 43:25.)


Bitterness and hatred can consume anybody.  We are all born with God’s purpose in mind.  Although the path we choose can be a result of our circumstances,  God has a will for the situation you are in.  Even if the choice you make has brought you down, look up.  Give God’s grace a try.  Forgiveness and repentance are gifts we all have.  Forgive yourself one step at a time……

Maybe a child right now is holding on tight to a memory of you.

Controlling your Circumstances

English: Christ is tempted by Satan. The engra...

English: Christ is tempted by Satan. The engraved drawing was by Jacob de Wit after Peter Paul Rubens. 1711-12. School: Dutch. This print is from a group of 36 drawings after Peter Paul Rubens’ ceiling panels in the Jesuit Church, Antwerp, for engraving and publication by Jan Punt. Dimensions: height: 340 millimetres; width: 403 millimetres. http://www.archive.org/details/TheBowyerBible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagoni...

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagonist of John Milton’s Paradise Lost c. 1866 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was bad,  I am having emotional breakdowns.  I have been at home for the last three months due to my lupus.   As, The world  continued around me.  I feel like I am standing still.   Am I a victim of my circumstances?  Quickly I would answer yes.  If my job was not so demanding, if my husband would just listen to me, or if my children never misbehaved my life would be perfect.

Truthfully, our circumstances do not make us who we are.   It just helps us reveal what we are.  I am a tired, grumpy mother of two little boys that find a way to always fight with my husband and I.  Oh, the differences we have with discipline.  If you have children with disabilities life is never simple.  Discipline is never the same.  God has brought these circumstances into my life to change me and to show me what I am really like.

Satan tries to convince us the only way to change is to find a different circumstance.  We feel we would be happier if our circumstances were different. Lie!

Truth is, if we are not happy in our current circumstances we won’t be happy in another place.  By convincing use our circumstances are unnecessary satan can control our resentment and anger.

I need to be content in my life.  Whether I have plenty or little.  It seems so simple.  But, it really is.  We make life harder for ourselves.  Believe God’s truth and show satan who controls your life.