The World is Watching

002¨He saw it fit to see me through another day,¨ This is just one of the statements Oklahoma residents are mulling through today.  The devastation and emotional terror that overcomes you is unexplainable.  I know this devastation all to well.  I lived through a tropical storm that dumped water over our city for days and eventually caused a levy to break.  Our city was downstream from raging water.  In a matter of hours,  streets and houses were flooded. The rescue effort brought boats and rafts to evacuate us and whatever we could carry.  Nobody could get in or out.  Our cars and homes were held hostage by red Georgia clay water.  The city water plant flooded and we had no water for three weeks.

001I know as we see this devastation, we wonder what we can do.  What good do we get from this?  It is hard to know on a personal basis, but have you ever thought about starting over?  This can bring a transparency of sorts, leaving you vulnerable to deception and attack.  This battleground can have a devastating aftermath that can linger even  after all the destruction has been visibly removed.  I wanted to have my stuff.  That made me hopeless and lost and only God can replace that.

God gives us many ways to reclaim our relationship with him.  Unfortunately, we continue to bring destruction back into our lives.  The bondage we carry around is to hide  our transparency and leave our relationship with God detached.  The  intimacy we are so graciously given will always be there.  The purpose for such tragic situations can be Satanś greatest instrument of deception.  We all will face defeat and challenges but it is how we choose to walk through them that matters to God.

Controlling your Circumstances

English: Christ is tempted by Satan. The engra...

English: Christ is tempted by Satan. The engraved drawing was by Jacob de Wit after Peter Paul Rubens. 1711-12. School: Dutch. This print is from a group of 36 drawings after Peter Paul Rubens’ ceiling panels in the Jesuit Church, Antwerp, for engraving and publication by Jan Punt. Dimensions: height: 340 millimetres; width: 403 millimetres. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagoni...

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagonist of John Milton’s Paradise Lost c. 1866 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was bad,  I am having emotional breakdowns.  I have been at home for the last three months due to my lupus.   As, The world  continued around me.  I feel like I am standing still.   Am I a victim of my circumstances?  Quickly I would answer yes.  If my job was not so demanding, if my husband would just listen to me, or if my children never misbehaved my life would be perfect.

Truthfully, our circumstances do not make us who we are.   It just helps us reveal what we are.  I am a tired, grumpy mother of two little boys that find a way to always fight with my husband and I.  Oh, the differences we have with discipline.  If you have children with disabilities life is never simple.  Discipline is never the same.  God has brought these circumstances into my life to change me and to show me what I am really like.

Satan tries to convince us the only way to change is to find a different circumstance.  We feel we would be happier if our circumstances were different. Lie!

Truth is, if we are not happy in our current circumstances we won’t be happy in another place.  By convincing use our circumstances are unnecessary satan can control our resentment and anger.

I need to be content in my life.  Whether I have plenty or little.  It seems so simple.  But, it really is.  We make life harder for ourselves.  Believe God’s truth and show satan who controls your life.

What do You Love More?

The Progress of Love: The Pursuit

"Love or Duty" chromolithograph of a...

“Love or Duty” chromolithograph of a painter and a nun; published in Paris by Hangard-Mangué (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    In the pursuit of finding love whether it is the real deal or something that has become an addiction, today is the day we look at it in-depth.  Do we need all these idealizing  attempts to show a person their meaning to you?  As a Christian,  I SHOULD be serving and loving all the time.  My family  goes in so many different directions sometimes that the core of our home is starting to   show its cracks.   I have been sick  for a few months, so that I have  basically slowed down enough to see each one of us literally chipping away at the foundation of our family.  Nobody is doing it on purpose but we can’t satisfy a leadership role at our jobs  and still try to  have the leadership role in our house.  I feel we are neutralized.  Do you know what hurts your spouse the most?  Satan does.  I bet he is watching and waiting.  Have you creatively served someone today?  As, I am writing this right now I can’t think of anybody that I have reached out to.  Love, it takes time and devotion.  Are you still harbouring resentment toward someone?  Please make it right,  These are the things our children see and develop from.  Happy Valentines Day!