The November Magic that Started it All

English: Resurrection of Christ

My oldest child was born late in 2001.  I knew that day was  special  because it was snowing.  Living in Texas does not allow that unbearable, frigid temperature to become a nuisance as it does to my northern neighbors.  It is a treat that brings our children great pleasure.  So in late November my perfect baby was born as the snow fell just enough on the cars outside to let us write his arrival in the snow.  Three weeks after his birth my life was changed forever.

As we celebrate Easter, why should we get excited?  I think it is essential because it offers hope and guidance as to why we are here.  The first Easter baskets were filled with eggs for prosperity, horseradish for bitterness, salt, ham and bread to remind us of how Jesus used it to feed the multitudes.  The resurrection brings us hope .  Sin would become victorious in men.  Eternal punishment would be all we would have to look forward to.  Our lives would be pitiful.  If you consider all the other leaders, and prophets this world has seen consider why it is that we can consume their bodies and prove that they are still in their resting places.  They have not risen as Christ has.  Jesus promises to come to get his harvest and fruit.  One day we will be redeemed with victory over death.  We know this because Jesus’ body has risen!  The rock was rolled away to prove the tomb’s emptiness.

Pain is a powerful thing.  No one can judge you in this world!  It is not our right.  We continue to penalize ourself but Jesus has already paid our price.  Your physical pain can continue and the emptiness and sadness might  be overwhelming.  You might feel so battered and bruised that you cannot feel anything past this very second of your life.  Your grief can consume you so much that as you try to scream out for something, you cannot make sound come out of your mouth,  You are paralyzed with pain.  Life consumes you.  But, we do not live for this life.  Cry out to God in any way you can.  He hears all prayers.  Be still and be quiet and I promise peach will come to you.  God will give you your direction.  I challenge you to look at your life.  Is there a part of yourself that you could give up?  Could you give your life to someone who has had his ripped from him?

Easter eggs // Ostereier

I started this story with my son’s birth.  I want to tell you why over the last 11 years the place I stand  now is very dear to me and I do not want to take what I have been given for granted.  He was three weeks old when I drove my car into a concrete barrier.  I am sorry I do not remember the various details.  I remember complete darkness and silence.  Suddenly, a light consumed my face.  I started to walk down the road very dazed and confused.  But still complete silence and an overwhelming effervescence of light.   A truck driver appeared.  He was talking to me but I don’t remember what he was saying.  Then, a feeling of complete horror came over me.  My baby.  I had my baby in the car!  Where was he?  He was not crying.  The look on the man’s face turned to complete agony.  He ran back to my car.  I was still dazed and confused.  He found my child lying on the back seat beside his car seat.  There was glass all around him but it was like he had been placed gently down on the seat. He had been  protected as he was thrown around in the car and it rolled to a stop.   What else can I say.  He was perfect.  He was protected.  As we all are. Sometimes we get the chance to see it clearer. What I did not say was my life didn’t become perfect.  The trials actually got worse.  But, life does that.   Love God and please don’t give up. You are welcome to share with me.