What do You Love More?

The Progress of Love: The Pursuit

"Love or Duty" chromolithograph of a...

“Love or Duty” chromolithograph of a painter and a nun; published in Paris by Hangard-Mangué (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    In the pursuit of finding love whether it is the real deal or something that has become an addiction, today is the day we look at it in-depth.  Do we need all these idealizing  attempts to show a person their meaning to you?  As a Christian,  I SHOULD be serving and loving all the time.  My family  goes in so many different directions sometimes that the core of our home is starting to   show its cracks.   I have been sick  for a few months, so that I have  basically slowed down enough to see each one of us literally chipping away at the foundation of our family.  Nobody is doing it on purpose but we can’t satisfy a leadership role at our jobs  and still try to  have the leadership role in our house.  I feel we are neutralized.  Do you know what hurts your spouse the most?  Satan does.  I bet he is watching and waiting.  Have you creatively served someone today?  As, I am writing this right now I can’t think of anybody that I have reached out to.  Love, it takes time and devotion.  Are you still harbouring resentment toward someone?  Please make it right,  These are the things our children see and develop from.  Happy Valentines Day!